38 Anna Tunniclife – Olympic Sailing Champion

What does Sailing and CrossFit have in common?

Anna Tunniclife.

Anna Tunniclife won gold in the Women’s Laser Radial Sailing event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The American is now a CrossFit competitor and has competed in four CrossFit games.

Anna is this week’s guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’.

She discusses with Richard the transferable skills between Sailing and CrossFit, goal setting and Puke Day.

Anna also talks about the Paleo and The Zone diets.

We also find out what ambitions Anna still has in Sailing.

You can continue to follow Anna’s journey on Twitter and on Instagram.

Plus take a look at Anna’s CrossFit gym.

36 Heather Stanning – Olympic Rowing Champion

We learn from 2x Women’s coxless pairs Olympic Gold Medallist Heather Stanning on this week’s Best in the World with Richard Parr.

The 2x World Champion discusses her daily routine, nutrition and mental preparation with Richard on the show.

A major in the Royal Artillery, Heather talks about her relationship with rowing partner Helen Glover and the role the army has played in her success.

You can see what Heather is up to on her Instagram.

33 Jeff Henderson – Olympic Long Jump Champion

Jeff Henderson is the reigning Olympic Long Jump Champion and is this week’s guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’.

The American won gold in dramatic fashion in Rio in August.

He tells Richard about that experience and his time at the Olympic village.

Jeff discusses the perfect jump and his target to be successful in sprinting.

In this fun chat, Richard and Jeff also talk movies, music and being recognized.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter and on Instagram


30 Gretchen Bleiler – Snowboard World Champion

Gretchen Bleiler is this week’s guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’ podcast. Gretchen is a 4-time X Games Champion, former World Superpipe Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist. Now retired from competitive snowboarding, Gretchen is now an environmental advocate working with Protect Our Winters to help raise awareness of climate change. Gretchen tells Richard on the show about the importance of Yoga and Meditation. The American also talks about food and nutrition along with her own water bottle design, the ALEX Bottle. You can learn more about Gretchen at gretchenbleiler.com and follow her on Twitter. You can also find out more about the ALEX Bottle at alexbottle.com

24 Liz McColgan – 10K World Champion

Liz McColgan is this week’s guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’ podcast. The Scottish runner claimed gold in the 10,000 metres at the 1991 World Championships. McColgan won the New York City, Tokyo and London Marathons during her career.

In her chat with Richard, Liz talks about her life in Qatar, training her daughter Eilish and the nutrition that helped her reach the top.

She tells Richard about how she kept in shape while she was pregnant and then within a year won both the World Championships and the NYC Marathon.

Liz also discusses pre-race rituals and post-race recovery techniques.

And the former BBC Sports Personality of the Year explains why she isn’t disappointed with her Olympic Silver medal anymore.

You can keep up with Liz’s work in Qatar at dohaathleticclub.com and follow her on Twitter @Lizmccolgan.

22 Guillaume Elmont – Judo World Champion

This week we learn from 2005 Judo World Champion Guillaume Elmont on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’ podcast.

Guillaume is also a trained psychologist and a performance coach at the Dutch football team Ajax Amsterdam.

In his chat with Richard, Guillaume talks about whether he and his brother had any pressure to take up Judo from their father, who competed in the sport at the 1976 Olympics for Suriname.

He explains what went wrong for him at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

The Dutchman also discusses nutrition, visualisation and recovery techniques.

It’s another fun and fascinating show and Guillaume explains why he has now taken up Salsa.

You can find out more about Guillaume at elmontsolutions.nl and on his Instagram page: guillaume_elmont.

18 Jon Potter – Hockey Olympic Champion

Jon Potter won Gold at the 1988 Olympic Games with the Great Britain Hockey team.

Now he is at the top of his game in marketing and business. Jon is a managing director at Moët Hennessy and is this week’s guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’.

In his chat with Richard, Jon gives examples of how to make great teams both in sport and business.

The British businessman talks about getting the right people for the right roles on the pitch and in the office. He discusses setting goals and boundaries as well as visualising success.

Jon also explains what it’s like to spend a day with former F1 World Champion Jenson Button at a Grand Prix.

You can follow Jon on Twitter @jonpotter6 and on Instagram: jonpotter6.

14 Etienne Stott – Canoe Slalom C-2 Olympic Champion

A London 2012 Olympic Champion is our guest this week.

Etienne Stott won the gold medal in the Canoe Slalom C-2 event along with Tim Baillie.

Clearly very interested in the psychological aspects of sport, Etienne is a fascinating guest on the ‘Best in the World with Richard Parr’.

The British Olympian talks about how long it takes to become competent and then World-class at a technical sport such as canoeing.

He also discusses how important it is to meet your heroes early and coping with injuries.

Etienne discusses his new partnership with Mark Proctor and his thoughts on the concerns over the water at Rio 2016.

You can follow Etienne on twitter @etiennestott and he has a blog: etiennestottcanoeslalomblog.blogspot.co.uk