The Best Winter Olympics Podcasts

Thursday 8 February 2018


The 2018 Winter Olympics take place in PyeongChang from February 9-25. Here are some of the best podcasts that will keep you across everything that is happening during the games in South Korea.


The Podium

The Podium is NBC’s official Olympics podcast. They’ll have insider coverage throughout the 17 days of competition in PyeongChang. Along with in-depth interviews they will also explore the South Korean history and culture.

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Olympic Fever

Jill Jaracz and Alison Brown host the Olympic Fever. They will be exploring the latest news at the games along with telling stories from the athletes, officials, organisers and fans involved.

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PYC Podcast

PYC is apparently how locals say PyeongChang. PYC Podcast is produced by CBC Radio in Canada and hosted by the former Olympic downhill skier Kelly VanderBeek. Expect stories about the good old days of the Olympics, fighting, cheating and a behind-the-scenes look at the games.

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5 Rings Daily

Duane Rollins and Kevin Laramee will be hosting a special 5 Rings podcast every day throughout the games live from 10am ET. They will wrap up the action with their gold, silver, bronze and wood medals of the day.

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Best in the World with Richard Parr

Each week Richard Parr speak to a different World or Olympic Champion to find out what they do to become the best. Throughout February Richard speaks to a different Winter Olympic Champion. In the past year he has also heard amazing stories from over 15 Winter Olympic Champions. Guests have included Julia Mancuso, Kelly Clark and Jorrit Bergsma.

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