101 Sonya Looney – Mountain Biking World Champion

Thursday 18 April 2019

Sonya Looney cycled 234 miles to win the 24-hour Mountain Biking World Champion in 2015. 

Sonya talks about her journey to becoming the Best in the World on this week’s podcast.

As a former sales and marketing manager, Sonya has successfully found sponsors for her mountain biking career.

On this podcast, she gives her advice for anyone looking to get sponsored.  

Sonya explains how a plant-based diet helped her become World Champion.  

The American is also really insightful on goal setting, mindset and morning routine.  

You can learn more about Sonya at sonyalooney.com where you’ll also be able to follow her podcast.

Her blog on setting goals can be found here. 

Also, you can join her Plant-Powered Tribe Facebook Group.

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